Send Unlimited SMSes for Just Rs.1 a day

FreeText app logo

Finally, I’ve finished my app on kodeincloude and got published on Etisalat App Zone.

TextFree, the app name, is an app which anyone can send unlimited number of SMSes per day for just Rs.1. The Rs.1 is NOT per SMS but for the whole day. I’m sure this is good news for young people. Unfortunately the app runs only on Etisalat and I hate to say Dialog’s SMS app platform is sub par to put it mildly and you wouldn’t see an app like this on Dialog any time soon.

My idea was to build an SMS app which can send messages to individuals and not to build another SMS chat room. The 2 parties who wish to chat should get registered to the app first. The unique thing about this app is that you’ll get a unique user name for yourself. You can choose your own user name and by sharing user name among your friends and vice versa using any method, i.e. email, phone or Skype, you can start using FreeText.

I’ve also set up a Facebook page which I intend to use as a customer care tool, with instructions and here’s a video on how to use Freetext.

Hope you could benefit from my puny little effort.


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