President Obama has done in it in public. It was a real crowd pleaser and publically acknowledging their bond. Now, has anyone seen President Rajapakse and our first lady doing that? I don’t think anyone had seen them even holding hands let alone smooching. Can our first couple really show intimacy or affection in public even if they really want to do it? I guess it’s a big NO.

The society we live in doesn’t accept public intimacy. Most of us believe it should happen only in a confined space. Take a look at our homes. I bet most of you have not seen your parents smooching in front of you or even holding hands. Our parents think their children should not see these show of affections because the children will try to copy them. I mean for heaven’s sake, it’s not your mother giving a BJ to your father; it’s just holding hands or a little smooch. The most common question I get when I try to preach this idea to someone else is; will you do it in front of your children?. Hell yeah. I would love to see my kids learn a thing or two from their father. I’d rather see them “make love” than “make war”.


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