Bureaucracy or utter stupidity

5kg Bag of Compost

Ok this is certainly NEWS and makes my blog (errr… website) a “news website”.

Today, I went to my local council (UC) to get a bag of compost. I must praise their effort to do something for the environment which is converting trash in their dump into compost.

But can you believe I had to go to 3 people in order to buy just a 5kg bag of compost. Here is the process:

  1. Get a receipt manually written by a subject clerk which, believe me, wanted my name included in it. I mean, WTF? Am I buying explosives or something?
  2. Take the receipt to the shroff (the title of his job) to pay the freakin Rs.50 and get it stamped by him.
  3. Take the stamped receipt to the store keeper which he then writes down in his record book and after that he releases the compost.

All this trouble for an Rs.50 bag of waste? The time and the resources spent on such tiny things are unimaginably wasteful and can be corrected with some creative thinking. But that takes creative leaders on the top and I’m not sure we have such leaders.


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