Tickle’s Blue fly catcher at my home garden

Tickles Blue Flycatcher (Cyornis tickelliae)

Ok, ok, I must admit there’s going to be a whole lot of bird pictures in this blog cos I’m a bird guy (at least I used to be). By the way, this could be news for some people, lol.

The Tickle’s Blue fly catcher (Cyornis tickelliae) is one of my favorite little birds. One reason behind that love is the distinct bird call it possesses. This one actually came to my home at around noon which it wasn’t supposed to come.

Here’s what Henry has to say about it in his beautifully descriptive book “A guide to the Birds of Sri Lanka”, à la bible of sort to the birds enthusiasts in Sri Lanka.

Found almost everywhere in the Island, up to about 4000 feet, in jungle or shady types of cultivation, being particularly fond of the banks of wooded streams. In such places it lilts about among the undergrowth, revealing its presence by its characteristic little warble, a quaint, rapid little jingle of about six notes. It is not shy, and is rather inquisitive towards human intruders in its haunts. Its food, like that of all flycatchers, consists mainly, if not entirely, of small insects, often captured on the wing. (Henry. Page 402)


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