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Send Unlimited SMSes for Just Rs.1 a day

FreeText app logo

Finally, I’ve finished my app on kodeincloude and got published on Etisalat App Zone.

TextFree, the app name, is an app which anyone can send unlimited number of SMSes per day for just Rs.1. The Rs.1 is NOT per SMS but for the whole day. I’m sure this is good news for young people. Unfortunately the app runs only on Etisalat and I hate to say Dialog’s SMS app platform is sub par to put it mildly and you wouldn’t see an app like this on Dialog any time soon.

My idea was to build an SMS app which can send messages to individuals and not to build another SMS chat room. The 2 parties who wish to chat should get registered to the app first. The unique thing about this app is that you’ll get a unique user name for yourself. You can choose your own user name and by sharing user name among your friends and vice versa using any method, i.e. email, phone or Skype, you can start using FreeText.

I’ve also set up a Facebook page which I intend to use as a customer care tool, with instructions and here’s a video on how to use Freetext.

Hope you could benefit from my puny little effort.



President Obama has done in it in public. It was a real crowd pleaser and publically acknowledging their bond. Now, has anyone seen President Rajapakse and our first lady doing that? I don’t think anyone had seen them even holding hands let alone smooching. Can our first couple really show intimacy or affection in public even if they really want to do it? I guess it’s a big NO.

The society we live in doesn’t accept public intimacy. Most of us believe it should happen only in a confined space. Take a look at our homes. I bet most of you have not seen your parents smooching in front of you or even holding hands. Our parents think their children should not see these show of affections because the children will try to copy them. I mean for heaven’s sake, it’s not your mother giving a BJ to your father; it’s just holding hands or a little smooch. The most common question I get when I try to preach this idea to someone else is; will you do it in front of your children?. Hell yeah. I would love to see my kids learn a thing or two from their father. I’d rather see them “make love” than “make war”.

Bureaucracy or utter stupidity

5kg Bag of Compost

Ok this is certainly NEWS and makes my blog (errr… website) a “news website”.

Today, I went to my local council (UC) to get a bag of compost. I must praise their effort to do something for the environment which is converting trash in their dump into compost.

But can you believe I had to go to 3 people in order to buy just a 5kg bag of compost. Here is the process:

  1. Get a receipt manually written by a subject clerk which, believe me, wanted my name included in it. I mean, WTF? Am I buying explosives or something?
  2. Take the receipt to the shroff (the title of his job) to pay the freakin Rs.50 and get it stamped by him.
  3. Take the stamped receipt to the store keeper which he then writes down in his record book and after that he releases the compost.

All this trouble for an Rs.50 bag of waste? The time and the resources spent on such tiny things are unimaginably wasteful and can be corrected with some creative thinking. But that takes creative leaders on the top and I’m not sure we have such leaders.


Tickle’s Blue fly catcher at my home garden

Tickles Blue Flycatcher (Cyornis tickelliae)

Ok, ok, I must admit there’s going to be a whole lot of bird pictures in this blog cos I’m a bird guy (at least I used to be). By the way, this could be news for some people, lol.

The Tickle’s Blue fly catcher (Cyornis tickelliae) is one of my favorite little birds. One reason behind that love is the distinct bird call it possesses. This one actually came to my home at around noon which it wasn’t supposed to come.

Here’s what Henry has to say about it in his beautifully descriptive book “A guide to the Birds of Sri Lanka”, à la bible of sort to the birds enthusiasts in Sri Lanka.

Found almost everywhere in the Island, up to about 4000 feet, in jungle or shady types of cultivation, being particularly fond of the banks of wooded streams. In such places it lilts about among the undergrowth, revealing its presence by its characteristic little warble, a quaint, rapid little jingle of about six notes. It is not shy, and is rather inquisitive towards human intruders in its haunts. Its food, like that of all flycatchers, consists mainly, if not entirely, of small insects, often captured on the wing. (Henry. Page 402)

Crap, do I own a news website?

Censorship for Dummies. Pic by

I have a big problem. I just started this blog and before I could put 3 posts here, there was this bombshell of registration of every “news website”. Getting registered is one thing. But the fee of Rs.100,000 is absurd.

Now, do I need to be worried? I have this crappy blog which I don’t think anyone would care to read. Can a blog be considered a website in the first place?

A website, also written as Web site, web site, or simply site, is a set of related web pages containing content such as text, images, video, audio, etc. A website is hosted on at least one web server, accessible via a network such as the Internet or a private local area network through an Internet address known as a Uniform Resource Locator.(wikipedia)

So technically and logically and in every conceivable way, a blog is certainly a website. So my blog is a website. Oh boy, I’m in trouble now. But the second part of the condition says it should be a “news” website. Is this a news website? See, this is where it is not clearly defined. News is not something absolute. Some news is “news” for someone and the same can be “no news” to others. For example, the first post I’ve put in my blog is a post on a bird. Technically that could be news for someone who is interested in birds. At this point I have to realize that this blog is a “news website”, at least for some people. Crap!

Sri Lankan Queues

Sri Lankan queues are very interesting based on who gets the priority.

The uncontested champions are the clergy and they go straight to the number one in the line. Then comes the equally important pregnant ladies and I guess they enjoy a privileged life during the 9 months of their pregnancy when it comes to queues and seats on busses. Then comes the men in uniform, mostly belonging to the country’s security, they’ll be served first. Then the best customers of the particular institute are served. Then there are friends of the service provider or the teller and this list goes on and on.

If you cannot put yourself into to any of these categories you are in for a long stay where you go in Sri Lanka